women who have had bladder surgery
If you feel as though you are constantly worried about bladder leakage occurring when you cough, sneeze or even laugh, you are hardly alone. Bladder issues such as these are, in fact, common for women of all ages, especially women who have been through childbirth or have experienced some other life factor that may reduce their bladder control. It is hardly anything to be embarrassed about, as statistics show that one in four women face bladder leaks and urinary incontinence of some form or another, and 11% to 19% of these women seek treatment though bladder surgery for females.

The Full Details On Bladder Surgery for Women

At Coyle Institute, it is our greatest objective as urogynecologists to provide our patients with the most effective method of treatment; and in our years of conducting bladder surgery, we have successfully given our patients relief from symptoms including pain and discomfort in the pelvis, difficulties in urination, and bladder leakage. To achieve our ultimate goal of correcting pelvic organ prolapse and relieving symptoms such as bladder leakage, we will often explore a range of other options including diVa® vaginal laser therapy as an alternative to female bladder surgery, depending on the exact cause of the leakage symptoms and the severity of the case.

A Brighter Solution

For women who are considering bladder surgery to correct mild issues of incontinence or light bladder leakage, less invasive options such as diVa® laser vaginal therapy may be a viable alternative. The diVa® laser vaginal therapy is a specially developed laser device that regenerates the tissues of the vaginal walls, strengthening and thickening them, which in turn produces a greater strength in vaginal muscles. This renewed strength helps relieve some of the symptoms experienced with pelvic organ prolapses such as pelvic discomfort during intercourse or light bladder leakage. Depending on the exact cause of your own condition and the severity, you may find effective relief with laser vaginal therapy treatments, which are painless and can done in a matter of minutes with no downtime. Discuss your case with your healthcare expert to learn about your options.

Taking a closer look at bladder surgery for women is an urgent matter! Call the knowledgeable team of experts at Coyle Institute to schedule your personal consultation and learn more today!