Women experience a wide range of vaginal pain and discomfort, from daily irritation to intense pain during intercourse.

Pain can be caused by issues with the surface of the vagina, such as a lack of natural moisture. Pain can also result from lax vaginal tissues after childbirth and thinning vaginal walls that are unable to support the vaginal structure and surrounding organs.

Not only can these problems disrupt daily life with vaginal pain, but vaginal atrophy can also lead to sexual health issues, such as a decreased libido, lack of sexual arousal and a reduction in sexual satisfaction.

Improving vaginal health

Dry and thinning vaginal walls are usually caused by a hormonal imbalance, specifically a drop in estrogen production. Estrogen levels can fall because of menopause, chemotherapy, breastfeeding, medications or other issues that impact the ovaries or endocrine system.

Not only are the dry, thinning walls painful on their own; they are more vulnerable to abrasions and tears that are the perfect way for infections and other irritations to get a foothold the membranes. These tiny – even microscopic – injuries can lead to big, harmful and painful problems.

 Childbirth can also cause vaginal problems. A vaginal birth stretches the vaginal canal, damaging the vaginal walls, the perineum and other surrounding tissues.

Any of these issues can impact your overall pelvic health.

diVa® can help

diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy is a fast and simple vaginal resurfacing procedure for the improvement of moisture, tone, elasticity and function. diVa® uses cutting-edge Hybrid Fractional Laser Technology to stimulate new cells at the surface. The laser also stimulates tissues under the surface. Those tissues then produce more collagen, thickening and plumping the vaginal walls.

diVa® can also tighten the vagina if it has been stretched and loosened by childbirth or health issues.

diVa® can also help minor cases of urinary stress incontinence. A toned and strengthened vagina helps support other pelvic structures including the bladder and urethra.

diVa® requires no sedation and no invasive surgery. The safe and effective treatment takes only a few minutes to perform in your urogynecologist’s office,

After diVa® treatment, women can immediately return to their busy lives with no recovery or downtime. But most importantly, it improves a woman’s confidence and quality of life.

diVa® Treatment – What to expect

One of the best parts of diVa® treatment is how quickly it can offer effective results with little or no pain or downtime.

diVa® is:
  • Quick: diVa’s fast and easy treatments take only 3 to 5 minutes to treat the full length of a vaginal canal, all in the comfort and safety of your provider’s office.
  • Comfortable: During treatment, many women report feeling some pressure or warmth, but very little sensitivity or pain. Your provider may offer a topical anesthetic if you have concerns.
  • No downtime: With zero recovery time after treatment, women can return to their everyday life immediately. However, women should avoid sexual intercourse for up to 48 hours after treatment. Your provider will advise you about post-treatment sexual activity.

The full impact of diVa’s stimulation of new tissue growth is usually seen after three treatments over the course of several months.

Urogynecologists: What we do

Sexual, vaginal and urinary health problems are best treated by a urogynecologist, a doctor who specializes in pelvic floor health. Your pelvic floor includes the reproductive and the urinary systems. A urogynecologist looks at how these systems are working together. They can help treat issues, but will also work with you to develop a health program that will improve and maintain your vaginal health and strengthen your pelvic floor.

diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy at the Coyle Institute can be an important part of vaginal health by helping to:

  • Regain elasticity and vitality in vaginal tissues
  • Alleviate vaginal dryness
  • Decrease painful intercourse
  • Improve bladder control
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor

diVa® empowers women to regain control of their vaginal health and sexuality so they can feel confident and have the energy and focus they need to succeed – every day.

Contact the expert diVa® team at the Coyle Institute today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this fast and simple treatment can improve your vaginal health – and your life!