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Reverse aging with BBL™

BBL™ and DNA spell younger skin Sure, the dramatic results of BBL™ facial rejuvenation can make us appear (and feel) younger. But could this easy, painless treatment be doing something more? You can reverse aging with BBL™. BBL™ (BroadBand Light) facial rejuvenation reduces the appearance of skin damage, taking years off the appearance of your complexion.…

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Vaginal Atrophy: You are Not Alone

Vaginal atrophy: Many symptoms with one easy solution Many women suffer from ongoing issues such as vaginal itching and discharge, painful intercourse and urinary tract infections. However, they may not realize that their symptoms could indicate an easily treatable condition known as vaginal atrophy. Once a woman and her urogynecologist can put the pieces together, treating…

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diVa – Bring Back Your Confidence

Will diVaTyte improve the tone and appearance of my exterior vaginal skin? As women age, their skin loses firmness and elasticity. The exterior vaginal skin is no exception. While the normal aging process is one factor in the loss of tone, pregnancy and vaginal childbirth can excessively stretch the muscles and skin of the vagina.…

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diVa to Recover Your Vaginal Health

Cancer Recovery, Vaginal Health and diVa Even after you’ve been declared a cancer survivor, there is a long road to complete recovery and good health. Women who are recovering from cancer face vaginal health challenges wrapped up in hormonal changes, treatment side effects, risks of infection and fatigue. Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and changes in sexual…

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