BBL laser treatment has been used in an increasing number of applications in the beauty and skincare industries, using phototherapy to treat a wide range of skin conditions and even remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal, sun spot removal, and skin tightening laser therapy are just a few of the top contenders when it comes to phototherapy treatment options being sought out at doctor’s offices all over the world. There are many people are taking notice of just how effective it is as a safe, quick, and painless option for acne scars treatment.

Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people of every race, age, and gender; and severe cases can lead to permanent scarring that lasts a lifetime. Fortunately for those suffering from scars, the infrared light energy harnessed by BBL laser technology has been developed to stimulate the healing processes of the body to generate collagen. This process plumps the skin reducing the appearance of the pitting caused by acne scarring, increases fibroblast activity, and treats the sebaceous glands that initially cause acne. As a result, proper use of the laser treatments lead not only to a marked decrease of acne formation but also to actual acne scars treatment as visible scarring is reduced.

Let Yourself Shine

Dividing infrared light energy between two bulbs, BBL or broadband light therapy is a precise system that allows treatment of precisely targeted areas of the skin without causing damage to the surrounding area. It’s quick and effective, causing little discomfort during or after the procedure and requiring no downtime.

Acne scar removal is something that can be life changing. Self-confidence is inextricably linked to the face we present to the word, and many individuals lack that confidence because they suffer from acne scars. Once they get rid of acne scars, they feel much more self-assured in their appearance; and so acne scars treatment can be highly beneficial in boosting their perception of themselves.

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