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Posts Categorized: Hysterectomy

An (Un) Lady-Like Look at Urogynecology Surgery

a woman who had urogynecology surgery

An (Un) Lady-Like Look at Urogynecology Surgery Have you ever felt as though being a woman comes with more headaches than one person can possibly handle? It is not an uncommon complaint, as most individuals who fall into the category...

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A Different Kind of Renewal with Laser Vaginal Therapy

vaginal laser therapy

Everyone knows that, as a woman ages, there are a number of ways that her body changes. Some of them, of course, are for the better, while others are less than ideal. Consequently, even changes that may not be visible...

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Are Hysterectomies Always the Only Option?


Hysterectomies have become a common occurrence in mainstream medicine, a procedure that happens all over the world, countless times a day. Contrary to what you may have been told, however, not all hysterectomies are even necessary. Most of them are...

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Da Vinci Surgical System

da vinci surgical system

While you may think that a doctor’s hands are his best tool, with the technological advancements being used in the healthcare field, those human hands are playing second fiddle to the precision of the da Vinci surgical system. Surgery is...

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