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Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Does Killing Your Cancer Kill Your Sex Life Forever?

a woman enjoying her cancer free sexual health

When women are facing the deadliness of cancer, usually the last thing on their minds is the way that chemotherapy treatment can wreak havoc on the way their body will function sexually. However, chemo is harsh—not only on the cancer cells but in hormone production, as well. In fact, chemo often causes drastic changes in…

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The Cultured Cure in Probiotics for Vaginal Health

a lady eating yogurt with probiotics for vaginal health

Probiotics have gained an impressive amount of attention in recent years as a great way to maintain your digestive health and even prevent colon cancer, but probiotics can also be extremely beneficial to maintaining a healthy vagina. Urogynecology studies have found that probiotics help yeast infections from forming and help promote healthy vaginal pH levels…

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8 Everyday Essentials for Maintaining a Healthy Vagina

a woman with a healthy vagina

If you do things like having regular checkups with your urogynecologist and staying up to date on every female pelvic exam recommended by all the ladies’ magazines, you probably assume that you have got the whole healthy vagina thing down cold. However, there’s more to maintaining vaginal health than keeping all of your urogynecology appointments,…

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