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Become a diVa® This Year to Improve Vaginal Health

Women experience a wide range of vaginal pain and discomfort, from daily irritation to intense pain during intercourse. Pain can be caused by issues with the surface of the vagina, such as a lack of natural moisture. Pain can also result from lax vaginal tissues after childbirth and thinning vaginal walls that are unable to support the…

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Address Pelvic Health Issues with Dr. Rogers

Address Pelvic Health Issues: Start a new year of better health We’ll make the resolution to lose weight or exercise more (both good ideas), but what about getting proactive about your pelvic health? With every passing year, women are more at risk for pelvic health issues. Tissues become more lax with age. Hormones can begin to…

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Clean hands, healthy vagina: Washing hands before sex

You wash your hands before you eat – but are you scrubbing up before sex?    Is your partner?  Even if you aren’t doing dirty chores, your hands pick up lots of creepy germs throughout the day. You may wash your hands, but what about the stranger who touched that door handle, shopping cart or touchscreen before you?   Now ask yourself, “Do I want those germs anywhere near…

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