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Essure Procedure: Take Control

For any woman who is certain that children are not part of her plans for the future, the innovative Essure® procedure is an ideal solution that requires no surgical intervention, no down time, and no hormones. In fact, Essure® is one of the simplest methods of permanent birth control available, and Essure birth control has been proven to be nearly 100 percent effective in all clinical trials.

Birth Control That Lasts

Many women considering permanent birth control may be unaware that they no longer have to rely on traditional tubal ligation, which requires anesthesia, lengthy surgery, and post-surgical recovery time. The Essure procedure, however, is a simple, in-office implantation of a soft, flexible, coil-like device made of a nickel-titanium alloy that contains no hormones and is designed to conform to the natural shape of the body so that it stays securely in place after it has been inserted; and the entire procedure can often be performed in less than ten minutes. Using the natural pathways of the vagina and cervix, Essure is placed into each of the fallopian tubes, where it can begin to form a natural, permanent physical barrier to prevent sperm from reaching eggs, making fertilization and pregnancy impossible. At Coyle Institute, we firmly believe in the safety and efficacy of the Essure procedure; and we highly recommend it to patients who may be concerned about more invasive methods of treatment or who wish to avoid the possible effects of hormonal therapies.

While some patients may experience slight discomfort, pelvic pain, or mild vaginal bleeding immediately following the procedure, Essure generally causes few side effects; and most women can return to regular activity within a day or two. Its proper placement must be confirmed by a doctor three months after the insertion; and, until then, patients are instructed to use other methods of birth control in order to avoid pregnancy. At Coyle Institute, we want the women in our care to have peace of mind that their procedure has been successful, so we provide them with all necessary follow-up testing and will walk them through each step until they are completely satisfied in their decision.

A Trusted Practice

At Coyle Institute, board certified urogynecologist Dr. Michael Coyle and his staff have had years of experience in providing this procedure to women all over the Gulf Coast, offering them the greatest care in a safe, secure environment where their emotional and physical well-being is top priority. We realize that making the decision for permanent sterilization is a serious matter and one that often comes with great consideration, so we take the time to discuss the procedure in-depth with our patients and address any questions and concerns they might have about their future and any possible side effects they might experience. We want them to feel worry-free and completely secure in the knowledge that their reproductive health is in good hands and that we’re dedicated to providing them with continued support in the days ahead.

At Coyle Institute, we want nothing but the best for our patients; and we’ve made a name for ourselves as a practice for our expertise in utilizing the latest medical technologies and for our ability to offer the most advanced procedures to the women in our care. We keep up with the latest treatments so that we can provide our patients with the best solutions to whatever needs they may have regarding their feminine health; and for those who feel ready to make the decision for permanent sterilization, we want them to know that they have more than one option.

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